Stock Scanner

BNS Scanner scan the stock as per your requirement

Features Of BNS Stock Scanner

✅ No need to monitor individual script, simply apply indicator and enjoy your time.

✅ Compatible with NSE Cash & Futures, MCX Futures, as well as Forex also.

✅ Sound Alert and Popup on every new signal for more details please check attached screenshot.

✅ Indicator scan your scripts on Moving Average Crossover.

✅ Indicator scan your scripts on RSI Based Strategy overbought & oversold zone.

✅ Indicator scan your scripts on MACD crossover Based Strategy.

✅ Indicator scan your scripts on Stochastic,Parabolic SAR based strategy.

✅ Indicator scan your scripts on WPR (Williams’ Percentage Range) strategy.

✅ A new scan also available if candle closed above or below your Moving Average then you will get sound alerts with popups.

✅ Most Important thing ,  This Indicator is totally free with all Data Plan.

✅ Download and install it in your system. Download link is given below.

Download & Install BNS Scanner For Windows 7

Download & Install BNS Scanner For Windows 8 -10


Step 1   Close all running Metat Trader-4. 
Step 2   Download and Execute the BNS-Scanner.exe 
Step 3   Once installed, Open Metat Trader-4. 
Step 4   Go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > Select “Allow DLL imports”.
Step 5   Right click on Market Watch and select “Show All” 
Step 6   You can find BNS-Scanner in Navigator, under Expert Advisors.
Step 7   Drag BNS-Scanner onto any open chart. 
Step 8   Go to Inputs tab and change any parameters as per your requirements. 
Step 9   On first usage, it will take 2 – 4 minutes to open & scan all charts.
Step 10 Any time you can open any chart from the BNS-Scanner (Dashboard) by clicking on any script.

BNS-Scanner Installation Video Guide